Yotsuba! Enjoy Everything..


when i got stress, my buddy gave me a manga which has a title: Yotsuba! it seemed like a boring manga, with the ‘strange’ child (because she has a green hair) called Yotsuba as the main character. but wait, when i read it, i enjoy it πŸ™‚

the story is about yotsuba’s daily activities. its simple and normal life. she has a good neighbour, unique friend, and annoying enemy named yanda.

there are several question that have not been answered. who is the real yotsuba? who is yotsuba mother? why her hair is green? hehe… πŸ˜› besides that, i like Yotsuba because it make me more relax and grateful for all i’ve done.

enjoy everything~


5 thoughts on “Yotsuba! Enjoy Everything..

  1. kak dida suka yotsuba ya…

    dea juga suka.. komiknya lucu.. tpi dea bru baca komik nya satu hehe…

    … kakak suka detektive conan?

    conan? suka πŸ™‚ tapi kok ndak selesai2 ya komiknya? πŸ™‚

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