hisyam, you’re a boy!

poor hisyam. he’s sick now. but if i compare with my youngest brother, rayyan, he’s seldom to get sick. hm… don’t know why. but i hope hisyam will get better soon.

i have three sister and two brother. it’s very lucky to have them as my family member πŸ™‚

sometimes, i think it’s quiet hard to be a boy. have you heard this statement: “laki-laki kok nangis?” it sounds to be a restriction to man that they are not allowed to do that. its happen to hisyam or maybe to other boy. whereas they have a chance to do that. maybe we are not aware to make that statement. because in the future, the man will be the leader in a family.

yes… a leader…


3 thoughts on “hisyam, you’re a boy!

  1. hey…
    I’m a boy, but crying is not a taboo thing.

    I cry when I must cry, and I laugh when something’s gonna be fun…
    There’s no wrong about that.

    And HE doesn’t give us sin about that : )

    right, brother…

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