chat with the stranger in omegle

Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello
You: hi
Stranger: my name’s You but you can call me Stranger
You: lol
You: hi stranger
Stranger: just sitting here pretending to work while i talk to Stranger, aka You
Stranger: how goes it?
You: yeah…
You: pretty good
You: m/f?
Stranger: no thanks, i already have a muffler
You: thats ok
You: im having my breakfast now
You: how bout yours
Stranger: breakfast huh?
Stranger: so are you in asia?
You: yes
Stranger: where in asia?
You: indonesia
Stranger: i’m getting off work in 30 mins in california
You: oh i see
Stranger: what do you do in indonesia?
You: im a student
Stranger: i wish i was a student
Stranger: don’t ever graduate!
You: but u have a job now
You: thats ok
Stranger: yeah it sucks ass
You: why?
Stranger: work sucks
You: what do u want then?
Stranger: as a student i felt like the effort was for me. as an employee, the effort is for someone else.
You: try to be an entrepreneur
You: i agree with ur statement
Stranger: gotta have an idea first
Stranger: and some $
Stranger: i have neither
Stranger: what do you study
You: many
You: from economy, math, etc
You: where do u come from?
Stranger: the moon
You: lol
Stranger: i live in california now though
You: okay
Stranger: but sometimes i miss the moon
You: you must be joking but i like it
You: well i must go to the course
Stranger: later dude
You: its nice to have a talk with u
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
or save this log or send us feedback.

*PS: sometimes i have a nice conversation but mostly not


5 thoughts on “chat with the stranger in omegle

  1. “*PS: sometimes i have a nice conversation but mostly not”

    Yeah, you know what they want, isn’t it?
    When ask for m / f, as soon as they get what they want, they only have 2 choices: continues to chat or click the disconnect button on the left below.
    As Always..
    it’s usually happen when m meet m.

    How ’bout the girls?

    hm… it based on the person, actually

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