chat with the stranger in omegle #2

Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello
You: hey
You: whats up
Stranger: well
Stranger: that depends on our frame of reeference
You: good
You: ya
Stranger: if we’re on different halves of hte earth
Stranger: what’s up for me
Stranger: would be down for you
You: so wise… πŸ™‚
Stranger: so i think the more appropriate question, first, is
Stranger: where are u?
You: guess what
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: what
You: okay…
You: im in ina
You: u?
Stranger: ina?
Stranger: is that indiana?
You: no…
You: indonesia
Stranger: ooohh
You: what about u
Stranger: i’m in canada
You: i see
Stranger: so what’s up for me
Stranger: is like…
Stranger: left
Stranger: for you
Stranger: πŸ˜‰
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: haha
Stranger: how’s life treatin ya?
You: so so
You: how old r u?
Stranger: 21
Stranger: u?
You: 19 in october
Stranger: ahh
Stranger: starting university soon eh
You: right
Stranger: good luck πŸ˜‰
Stranger: its a change
Stranger: are u m/f?
You: thanks πŸ™‚
You: f
You: u?
Stranger: m
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: what are universities like in indonesia?
Stranger: are htey like here?
Stranger: where in first year
You: no…
Stranger: it’s all drinking and drugs nad sex
You: i dont think so
You: wow….
You: yeah… u know…
You: we are moslem
You: commonly
Stranger: that’s true
Stranger: but i know alot of muslims
You: we are not allowe to mdo that
You: *allowed
Stranger: but i know alot of people don’t really care lol
You: lol
Stranger: are you very religious?
You: er… i dont think so
You: im still learning about my religion
You: but maybe yes to my parents
Stranger: just to confirm – are you a muslim?
You: yes. insya Allah
You: πŸ™‚
You: what about u?
Stranger: cool =)
Stranger: i’m pretty atheist acutally
You: u dont believe in god?
Stranger: nope
You: sorry 4 asking
Stranger: but i respect other poeple’s believes
You: okay
Stranger: beliefs*
Stranger: i have a question for you
You: wow… whats that
Stranger: you don’t have ot answer if you do’t feel comfrotable
You: okay
Stranger: how do you feel about boys and what are you allowed/not allowed to do with them?
Stranger: can you have a boyfriend?
Stranger: can you show any affection?
You: ok… i will be honest πŸ™‚
Stranger: is the taboo just against sex or is any physical contact disallowed
Stranger: ?
You: okay
You: wait… my english is poor. hehe
Stranger: no its really good actually =P
You: in Islam, we must married first before have a sex
You: and…. actually
You: i can’t have a boyfriend because… yeah…
You: i must married first
You: but dont worry
Stranger: but just having a boyfriend doesn’t mean u’ll have sex
Stranger: u can just be very close
Stranger: show lots of affection
Stranger: but not have sex
Stranger: u know what i mean?
You: i got it
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: so how do you decide who to marry?
You: but i must tell u that not all moslem obey the rule
You: i can search by myself
You: or my parents give a choice
You: er… wait…
You: u said:
You: Stranger: but just having a boyfriend doesn’t mean u’ll have sex
Stranger: u can just be very close
Stranger: show lots of affection
Stranger: but not have sex
Stranger: yeah
You: very close can make people want to have a sex
You: hehe… what do u think
Stranger: its true
You: because theyre in love
Stranger: but i think it depends on the person
Stranger: to me… love is different fro msex
You: its to you… dont know about other
Stranger: yeah i don’t know about others
You: πŸ™‚
You: do u have a girl friend
You: ?
Stranger: right now?
Stranger: no
Stranger: i’ve been single since january
You: oh i see
Stranger: you?
Stranger: is there a ‘special’ boy to you?
You: yes, there is
Stranger: tell me about it =)
You: but i wanna focus to my study
You: hehe…
Stranger: =)
You: and now… i have a question for u
Stranger: sure
You: you don’t have ot answer if you do’t feel comfrotable
You: lol
Stranger: lol sure
You: what makes u atheist
Stranger: mostly because i find it difficult to believe in anything that can’t be proven
You: ah… ya…
You: but whats the common religion in ur country
You: ?
Stranger: umm
Stranger: protestant christianity i’d say
Stranger: different branches of it
You: okay
Stranger: then catholic christianity
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: but
You: yes
You: ?
Stranger: i think over 1/3 of the ppl in canada are atheist/agnostic
You: really?
You: wow…
Stranger: and although the majority of ppl claim that they’re christians, very few actually practice it
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: lemme look that up for you
You: what?
Stranger: the religious statistics in canada
You: im waiting for that
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: oh i was wrong
Stranger: lol
Stranger: according to statistics canada
You: yes?
Stranger: canada is 43% catholic
Stranger: 29% protestant
Stranger: 16% atheist
Stranger: 2% muslim
Stranger: 1.6% orthodox
Stranger: 1% jewish, hindu and buddhist
You: wow…. thnx 4 d information, brother
Stranger: np
Stranger: but like i said
Stranger: although they say 75% christian
Stranger: most don’t practice
You: πŸ™‚
Stranger: i.e never go to church, pray etc
You: i have a question again….
Stranger: sure =)
You: who is the creature of people?
Stranger: ?
Stranger: what do you mean
You: sorry
You: wait…
You: why there is a people, tree, fruit, etc
You: who’s the maker
You: ah… my english is so poor
You: its difficult to ask
You: u get it? if its difficult just forget it
Stranger: mm
Stranger: hang on i want to try to answer your question
Stranger: but
Stranger: i’m making food right now
Stranger: be right back =)
You: okay
Stranger: hi 19 year old muslim girl stranger from indonesia =)
Stranger: i’m back
You: lol
You: welcome back
Stranger: ok so u ask me where i think everything comes from
You: ya
Stranger: well
Stranger: i believe in evolution
You: oh i see…
Stranger: so evertyhing came from its ancestors via genetic mutations
Stranger: tracableback to the very first organism
You: : )
Stranger: and before that was the primodial weak-acid chemical soup that led to it
Stranger: so u could say i bleive in science =)
Stranger: but
Stranger: science has its limits
You: u can say that again
Stranger: everything makes sense back to the big bang
Stranger: when the universe ‘started’
Stranger: how did the universe start?
Stranger: i don’t know
Stranger: ask any atheist that
Stranger: no one knows
Stranger: but do i think a god created it?
Stranger: no =(
Stranger: and you might wonder why not
You: yes
Stranger: and the answer is
Stranger: there have been lots of things in history
Stranger: that we haven’t known about
Stranger: or understood
Stranger: like the cause of diseases
Stranger: or why milk goes bad
Stranger: or how metallurgy works
Stranger: but just because we didn’t know why
Stranger: doesn’t mean that there wasn’t an explaination why
Stranger: it just took us a while to figure it out
Stranger: so i believe
Stranger: that although we don’t know how the universe started
Stranger: the fact is
Stranger: it did
Stranger: and there must have been a reason for it
Stranger: we just haven’t found it yet
Stranger: but we will
Stranger: =)
You: u said that u will….
You: i hope so πŸ™‚
You: whats ur majority?
You: in university
Stranger: u mean what’s my major*
Stranger: i study chemistry
You: yeah. lol sorry
You: πŸ™‚
You: i dont have any question
You: u r having ur dinner?
You: see ya then. thnx πŸ™‚
You have disconnected.
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6 thoughts on “chat with the stranger in omegle #2

  1. wah, yang ini agak serius…
    ada teman saya yang juga kuliah di Kanada, dan memang di dunia Barat seperti itulah kenyataan.
    *Dida pas kena orang sana yang jujur ^^*

    yah… thats the fact. jujur ya? hm…

  2. oh, yang kali ini seriusan..
    untung orangnya mau2 aja jawab pertanyaan dida..
    uh, dorong terus tuh mestinya biar ga atheis lagi..#sotoy

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