i have an online friend. the 17 years old chinese girl. her name is yier (it’s her nickname, im forget her full name :P). she’s a student and she really want to continue her study at university of beijing. Islam is her religion. but, when i say to her: “assalamualaykum”. she didn’t understand what i said.

she said that she’s not allowed to eat pork, and do what moslem should do in common. but there are several different thing between ‘the true moslem’ and her family. she promise me to give more explanation about that. sadly she’s very busy lately. so i must wait for her upcoming email  (^_^) (-_-) (_-_)


One thought on “Yier

  1. I want to see the great wall of china.this is my great ambition. the wall of china will always same and I hope to the God that no natural adversity can damage to the great wall.this is really a wonder of the world .

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