me and papa’s demand

usm stan is getting nearer but i don’t prepare myself with a good preparation. it seems papa really want me to be pns (cmiiw) while i dont really want to. in my eyes, being pns is… yeah, every job has it’s own risk. but, papa, i think i have a minang blood, just same with you 😀 i hope i can be momtrepreneur and consistent with my choice.

yes, if accepted in stan, maybe it’s easy for you to get job,  good salary, or maybe to meet your mate? hhe… who knows 😀  hm… ookay, i’ll try to fight my laziness 😛

i hope papa do not really disappointed if im not the lucky one who accepted in that campus


2 thoughts on “me and papa’s demand

  1. just a little advice… write down the abbreviate in uppercase, e.g.: PNS, STAN, etc. for a habits 🙂
    being a government’s employee is not a crime at all, the positive thing is we can contribute our skill to build our country…
    if not us, so who could do it? 😉

    you can say that again

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