What I need is a fearless


Last day i went to UNJ to interview my senior and give some photo to the committee of MPA.  Well, now im busy with the task from them. I walked to lapangan merah street and stopped a bemo. On the way to Bendungan Hilir with the bemo, suddenly a woman give a sign (usually raise a hand) to the driver. The driver stopped and let the woman enter the bemo, but before she join with us, her sandal jepit was broken. And… hum… she let the sandal on the street. Even she didn’t bring it and put it in the dustbin >_<

I’m very excited !

But I do.. nothing !

I don’t have any braveness to tell her for not put it on the street. Yes… the reason is, she older than me.

Oh Dida, even the older need an advice 😦 Keep clean our environment!


2 thoughts on “What I need is a fearless

  1. well, I think if you got your camera… it will prove the evidence to get her penalized because of Perda (but surely that’ll be too cruel :mrgreen: )

    the problem I discovered from these cases is we have lack of responsibility to keep our environment clean since childhood, even PPKn (or KWn?) hasn’t taught us about that.

    so, the solution that we could do now is pushing ourselves to commit the green movements and spread them to the people out there (which truly a difficult mission, even for environmental engineering students themselves 😦 )

    Go Green! Save Earth! ^^

    sure thing :mrgreen:

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