happy fasting day

tommorow is a fasting day. alhamdulillah…. ramadhan, i can meet you again. i hope i can use the time effectively. sahur, kolak, shalat tarawih, wah… what a life 😀

well, will tell you a bit about my MPA briefing. it was… very…very… made me mad : evil : the senior yelled at us again and again. can you guys stop finding our mistake? ya ya i know… it’s only drama. in the end, im sure it will be better.

i’ve got my UNJ jacket. the colour is green. although i can’t get the yellow one, like my father and sister did, thank you Allah because i think i’ll like my majors… and the food in UNJ’s canteen

see this picture? i’ve read this book from my aunt. at first i don’t want to read it. but i’ll loose my vocabulary if i don’t read an english book. it is like… you try to remember Al Qur’an, so you must recite it again and again.

it’s an old book, but the story is very interesting. i cannot expect the last of the story. overall, it’s worth to read (of course if you have nothing to do). ok guys, see you soon


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