International Seminar In State University of Jakarta

Today I’ve attended ICT seminar. The resources persons are Prof. Romizowski and Prof Yusuf. From that activity, I know how poor my english. Honestly it’s difficult for me to understand the whole discussion. He speaks fast and the environment isn’t good for me to listen (I sat in the back-so far from the speaker and the audience were talking a lot).

Talking about education in Indonesia, we will meet several problems that need to be solved. Hm… its so sad to remember that not all people in Indonesia could get a good education. Education is out of reach because it’s expensive. Oh my… with all the prosperity (natural resources) in Indonesia, there are a lot of people who still starved. What happened?

Back to the seminar, I can get the point that online learning is good to be implemented especially for the country like Indonesia which consist of many island.

-Hm… it’s time to have a dinner-


3 thoughts on “International Seminar In State University of Jakarta

  1. Hmm, is there some discussion regarding the vanishing “National Final Examination” ??

    Makanya lain kali klo ada seminar kayak gini, bawa aja korsi dari rumah n duduk di depan panggung, hee ^^

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