The first post in January 2010 🙂 . 2009 is over, that year is a full of struggle for me. I’ve attended SNMPTN, SIMAK UI, UMB, went to USM , queue patiently in STAN and many. And now, Alhamdulillah, I can continue my study in UNJ majors in educational technology.

I like to make a target, and I will see if I can reach that target in the end of year. Yah… not so often, but it’s a must for me. Some people dislike to make a target. It’s just make us burdened. But not for me. Although I cannot get my target, the function from that target is to make me DO something. Man propose, Allah dispose.

2010 means I’m getting older. And I don’t know when I will die (sounds so scary? 😛 ). A good preparation is better than without preparation (an advice for myself).

So… Assalamualaikum 2010 ^^. Hope this year will be better than other year.


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