A Visit to Bogor Botanical Garden

On Saturday, 22-May-2010 I visited Kebun Raya Bogor(Bogor, West Java) by using the train. There was quite crowded inside the train. My friends came with me. I went there in addition to take some pictures for basics photography tasks. Besides, I want to have recreation 😀

Bogor’s air is cooler than Jakarta because there’s close to the mountain.

Arrived in the station, I took some photos of the train. Sadly the train is made in Japan. I’m waiting for the train Made in Indonesia 🙂

I used angkot from station to go to Bogor Botanical Garden. The picture is the third gate of Bogor Botanical Garden (later I will shorten it as BBG). The ticket price is Rp 9.000,- for each person.

You can play the ball with your friends or family. I don’t have much time to do that because of the photography tasks.

Green…  Lots of plants and a good view!

This is a picture of Rafflesia Arnoldi flower. This plant is still growing. If it is growing, this plant will smell like a dead thing (a cadaver). Eugh… >.<

So.. what are you waiting for? Go get some recreation to Bogor Botanical Garden! Feel the fresh air, a good view, get the knowledge (you can find a lot of different plants there) and shop to the traditional market or mall around Bogor Botanical Garden 😉



3 thoughts on “A Visit to Bogor Botanical Garden

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  2. Wow, looks like a nice place for some relaxation and photography!

    “If it is growing, this plant will smell like a dead thing (a cadaver)” — is it really that bad?

    yes, sure… hm… it’s not bad because this plant is one of the famous plant in that place 🙂

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