My Home Library

Inspired by this blog, finally one of my dreams come true: to have a library at home πŸ˜€

My aunt help me to build the shelves. It was located in my sister’s room because her room is bigger than mine.

I loan some books to my college friends. They can borrow it for free but they must take a responsibility to the book. Most of the books are religious, others are dictionary, comic, magazine, novel, etc.

Soon I hope my collection will increase and the library is bigger πŸ™‚ Knowledge is power and we can get it from the book~


3 thoughts on “My Home Library

  1. Oh Gosh..
    I also dreaming to build mine.. Well, actually not located in my home but somewhere in isolated island.. I want to have my own library in an island which located far from the town and so the children in there known the world by the book they read in my library..

    hope your dream will come true πŸ˜‰

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