At least I know… It’s just it

Today is a rainy day. I think the wheather feel my feeling. Yeah Germany’s team was fail to continue their debut but that was ok. Thank you for giving a good match 😀 Spanyol plays better.

What makes me mad is a “ritual” to tease the lose group. Even in twitter, my friend use a bad.. really bad word like “anjing (dog)”, etc. Wow, that surprised me a lot! Thank you to make things worse. Sorry my friend, I’m a kind of person who seldom to hear a bad word like that. So I choose to unfollow you dear 🙂 I just shocked, really shocked.

Germany is Germany and I’m Indonesian. So why I must defend that country while my country is still need to be overhaul? Think I’m involved to the world cup atmosphere, and I think it’s not good for me. In August the moslem will do the fasting month. It’s better if I prepared myself to face this holy month.

Thank you Allah for always remembered me… Sorry for all my bad. I’m just me and I always need YOU


4 thoughts on “At least I know… It’s just it

  1. waaah…klo tim saya udah kalah duluan..ARGENTINA…hikz hikz
    but it’s just a game, harus ada yg menang n harus ada yg kalah donk… 😀

    betul itu 😉

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