From 16.40 pm until 17.29 pm

Again, it’s all about busway. First I want to say thank you to for giving a free TransaJakarta ticket (detik is celebrating it’s birthday). Congratulation! Your site is nice and interesting. I usually search the update news from you 🙂 Detik also give an iPhone for you readers, then go to the website.
Back to busway (so sorry guys if you get bored with this topic), today I must queue in busway shelter at corridor 6 from 16.40 pm until 17.29 pm.. can you imagine that? Yes, that was so “wonderful”. Inside the bus, I must stand up until I arrived at Ragunan shelter. So crowded inside but people from another shelter is force to get in. Wow, give me a place to breath 😛 It takes more than two hours for me to arrived at home -_-
Well, that’s a bit story about the tough of Jakarta. Jakarta has too many people! I’m afraid people will stressed out because it’s traffic jam, and so on. If you were in outside Jakarta and have a desire to live here, um… think twice 😛

I like Jakarta because I was born here. You can find anything here. But I hope Jakarta will not so crowded like this 😦 Any story about TransJakarta? Let’s share it 🙂

*Picture from google


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