Memandang Bahasa Inggris

You can see my writing. Yes, it’s like a junior high school student (even lower grade) who learn to write in English. I don’t really understand about grammar and such. I just like to read and speak.

What About…

When I see an Islamic site, I just wondering why I don’t learn Arab languange? That’s essential for me as a moslem. I could know more about Islam with that language (way to go, Dida…). Feel guilty actually -_-

Why I Love it..

I still remember when I was an elementary school student, I got a better English test grade than others (don’t get me wrong, just tell you..). My English teacher don’t  angry with me like she do with other kids. I feel happy so I like English. In junior high school, I got a really kind and patient English teacher. He never mad with the class. Alhamdulillah… that’s make me love English even more. Thank you Mr. Ghozali! I never heard about you but I hope everything is good.

Senior high school english teacher is a bit different. I like them, but just so so. I joined English course but until know, I don’t know why I don’t really understand about grammar 😛 (Maybe I’m not interested with that?)

And Now…

I’ve heard and learn in class that English can make you look cooler than other 😛 . You speak English means you’re cool and looks more intelligent. Do you agree? I’m not. How about if you speak Java language? You look cool too because you know your mother language! I suggest Universitas Negeri Jakarta to make ‘Bahasa Betawi’ major because in University of Andalas (Padang, West Sumatera) they have a ‘Bahasa Minang’ major. Too bad I can’t speak both Betawi and Minang langunge. Just know the little.

I Want to Tell You That..

Language comes with culture. Don’t change your culture when you speak English. It’s “just tools” and be wise to use that.

English is surely important.  But it shouldn’t make you feel arrogant. In other way I want to say: you’re Indonesian.. be yourself.

How you see English is depends on your experience with it. So, what do you think about English?


4 thoughts on “Memandang Bahasa Inggris

  1. Bu Dida, good writing ;)!

    Each language has its own place. We speak our native language at home, national language in formal occasion, English in global conversation, and Arabic for understanding religious issues.

    Being bilingual, trilingual, or quadrilingual is cool indeed ;). But we should know when to speak in respective language, whether formal or informal. Speaking a whole English sentence in Jum’at prayer sermon, for example, is still felt unacceptable – of course because the target is common people :p.

    Never give up, never surrender… English is essential for our life. Arabic too, for our religious study and Quran reading. But as Indonesian, we should be proud to speak Bahasa Indonesia :D.

    Keep writing in English, I’m looking forward :).

  2. FYI, Bu Dida. I’ve just found a link for Arabic learning:

    Check that out :)…

    I myself feel that learning Arabic is difficult, particularly because it belongs to a language family which possesses more complex grammatical rules than our language. Not to mention different writing method.

    But I think learning Arabic is compulsory for us Muslims, isn’t it :)? Let’s learn English, Arabic and other languages, yet still keeping our beloved Bahasa Indonesia ;).

    Thank you very much pak Yoga for both comment and information! Really appreciate that. Your english is awesome!

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