Barack Obama Our 44th President

This book was talked about Barack Obama’s life. Being a half African-American makes him curious to search about his own racial identity. How does it feel to be the mixed race? Beatrice Gormley as the author explain about it beautifully.
After all what makes me interested to finish reading this book is about Obama’s mother. A tough woman. She never wanted Obama to continue his study in Indonesia. Let’s see on page 11: (Barry=Obama Junior)
“One of the strangest things about Indonesia, for both Ann (Obama’s mother) and Barry, was the poverty.”

Page 18:
“She was concerned about Barry’s values, too. In Jakarta, corruption and going along with the unfair system were facts of life.”
This book supposed to be the children’s biography about the forty-fourth president of the United States. But somehow I think this is for the teens. As an Indonesian I just feel a bit horrible to read this book. What Beatrice wrote about Indonesia has brought a question: Does Indonesia that bad? And I’m afraid to know if the answer would be: yes, in some cases.


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